Ball Bearing Kits

Advantage Racing Ball Bearing Kits

Advantage Racing Products is proud to offer Ball Bearing Kits for many popular R/C vehicles! These kits are available in COMPLETE kits as well as DRIVE TRAIN kits.
Complete Kits contain EVERY bearing needed for your car or truck, so you can do a full replacement or use them as spares.
Drive train Kits contain all ball bearings between the motor/engine and wheels, allowing you to focus your upgrade or replacements where the bearings are most critical in your vehicle – the drive train.
The ball bearings in the kits are stored in small resealable plastic bags by size, to keep them organized in your pit box. Each kit is custom packaged for your vehicle.

Advantage Racing Precision Steel Bearing Kits

Advantage Standard Ball Bearing Kits include our tried-and-true steel Bearings. These kits are a great choice for:
  • Upgrades from Stock Bearings or Bushings
  • Maintenance Rebuilds
  • Spares


Advantage Racing Ceramic Bearing Kits

Advantage Ceramic Ball Bearing Kits are an outstanding Hop-Up for your R/C vehicle, as these bearings deliver both High Performance and Long Life! Free up your Drive train dramatically!