Ball Bearings

Advantage Racing Bearings

All ball bearings are NOT created equal. In 2005, we tested several different bearing manufacturers, tolerances, and types of lubrication in order to find an optimal balance of Performance, Reliability, and Price for R/C Racing Bearings. We did the testing so you don’t have to!

The resulting bearings are OUTSTANDING, and over 250,000 bearings have been sold to satisfied racers and RC enthusiasts all over the world! These Ball Bearings have been trusted and run by some of the fastest racers in the World, and have won numerous local and regional races, as well as ROAR National Championships in both Off-Road and Touring.

Advantage Racing Precision Steel Bearings

Our original ball bearings are made from Steel, and have longevity, reliability, and price in mind. The tolerances are a balance of accuracy and flexibility, allowing for the radial loads that bearings in R/C vehicles are often subjected to. This allows Advantage Bearings to survive incidents that would cause many other bearings to fail. For reliability and long life, Advantage Steel Bearings can’t be beat!

Advantage Racing Ceramic Bearings

In 2006, we introduced our line of High Performance Ceramic Hybrid ball bearings after extensive testing. These bearings are created with high performance and reliability in mind. Our Ceramic ball bearings have Steel races, and Si3N4 Ceramic Balls, and are also built with tolerances that balance high performance and flexibility…although these bearings are aimed more toward performance and efficiency.

Ceramic Ball Bearings are up to 40% lighter than Standard Ball Bearings. Due to their light weight, less centrifugal force is placed on the outside bearing race as the bearing spings, reducing heat, wear, and skidding. This results in a much more efficient bearing, which will have a longer life, spin more freely, and spool up faster!