Race Reports

Advantage Racing Products goes 1 and 2 at Wicked Weekend!

Advantage Racing Products Cole Ogden and Evan Vail had outstanding performances in the recent Wicked Weekend race.  Cole finished with TQ and 1st Place in Pro Buggy, while Evan finished in 2nd Place in a very competitive field. Cole also finished 2nd in Pro Truggy and 3rd in eBuggy. In addition to his 2nd place Pro Buggy finish, Evan finished 4th in Pro Truggy. Congrats to Cole, Evan, and the rest of the Advantage Racing Products team for their outstanding performances!

Ogden Takes Double Win at Force Series Round #2 running Advantage Ceramic Bearings

Force Series Round #2 at Phil Hurd in Savannah, GA! Lance MacDonald ran a great race program this past weekend. Just shy of 250 entries, and we started at 8am....finished at 11:40pm. Pretty impressive I must say, we all appreciate the fast paced race day, and look forward to more. As for the track surface, let's just say it was high traction. Bobby, Jeff and the whole PHR Crew did a fantastic job on the track and keeping it up during the event!
Pro Nitro Buggy TQ & Win Equipped with: MBX7R - REDS Worlds R7/S-2143 pipe - NitroPro 25/8% Race fuel - Reds Clutch/H - MKS HBL 599 Servos - Flashpoint 2500mah 2s RX Pack - Advantage Ceramic Bearings - Mugen HTD Diffs Pro Electric Buggy TQ & Win Equipped with: MBX7R Eco - REDS 1900KV - Trakpower 5400mah 2s Lipo's - MKS HBL 599 -Advantage Ceramic Bearings - Mugen HTD Diffs Both Mugens were easy to drive and fast! Jconcepts kept me hooked on R2 diamond bars during quals. Green detox for the win in nitro buggy, and green reflex in ebuggy! Mugen Seki Racing REDS Racing JConcepts NitroPro Race Fuel MKS Servos Futaba Trak Power Batteries Speed RC RC Addictions Imbue Motorsports Advantage RC Ogio

Ogden Doubles at 2016 Futaba / OS Challenge in St. Louis

Great race weekend in St. Louis, Missouri for the Futaba/O.S. Challenge. The track was fun, but ended up getting really rough. Which made for some great worlds practice. They ran double 20 minute A mains for both nitro buggy and truggy. I was able to take both mains for the win in truggy. Then in buggy, I won A1 with Josh in second, then in A2 Josh and I duked it out the whole 20 minutes. We had some great close racing and made for a good time. Josh would take A2 with me in 2nd....and I would win by combined time in the tie breaker!
Successful and long drive up to Missouri, met a lot of kind people up here and had a blast! Thanks to the LaFlowers for the pit help in truggy, BillyTylaska for the pit help in buggy, and Jim Kvidera for the ride up! Huge shoutout to my sponsors for another successful weekend of racing!! Mugen Seki Racing JConcepts Reds Racing Nitro Pro Race fuel MKS Servos Advantage RC products Speed RC Imbue Motorsports Ogio

Ogden Wins Pro Buggy at 2016 Wicked Weekend

With over 640+ entries at the Wicked Weekend this year, this would be the most in attendance for this race. Dave Leikam, Bobby Moore and their crew did an amazing job with the facility to prepare for the carnage. Lance MacDonald did fabulous with running a tight schedule and getting us done at a decent time. All in all, great weekend and I'm proud to have taken another wicked weekend pro buggy title for the 3rd year in a row!! Thanks to my dad for the pit help, as well as my sponsors for keeping me at the top! Next on the list, O.S. Futaba Challenge at Dirt Burners in St. Louis, Missouri this weekend! Mugen Seki Racing JConcepts Reds Racing Nitro Pro Race fuel MKS Servos Speed RC Imbue Motorsports Advantage RC products Ogio

Ogden takes win in Truggy, 2nd in Buggy at 2016 Bring the Heat Race

Awesome time down at Flowood RC for their annual Bring the Heat race. The event drew in right at 200 people, and it ran smoothly. My Reds/NitroPro powered Mugens felt awesome on Jconcepts rubber. I was able to take the win in truggy, and bring home a 2nd in buggy. Successful weekend, and I hope to see everyone at the Wicked Weekend! Thanks to William Shepherd (Old Man) for the pit help in truggy, and Drew Spurgeon for the help in buggy. Good job to all my teammates, on to the next one!
Mugen Seki Racing Reds Racing JConcepts Nitro Pro Race fuel MKS Servos Speed RC Imbue Motorsports Advantage RC products Ogio