5×11 Dual Shield Ceramic Ball Bearings (2) 5x11x4 MR115-RZ/C

5×11 Dual Shield Ceramic Ball Bearings (2) 5x11x4 MR115-RZ/C


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Advantage Racing Products Ball Bearings

All Ball Bearings are NOT created equal! Over ten years ago we tested a number of different bearing manufacturers, tolerances, and types of lubrication in order to find an optimal balance of performance, life, reliability, and price for our Ball Bearings. We've done the testing so you don't have to! The resulting bearings are OUTSTANDING, and over 250,000 bearings have been sold to satisfied customers all over the world!

Advantage Bearings have been run by some of the fastest racers in the world and have won multiple National Championships. All Advantage products are backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee. We guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase, or we will make it right!

Ceramic Dual Shield Ball Bearings

In 2006, we introduced our line of High Performance Ceramic Ball Bearings after extensive testing. Our Ceramic Ball Bearings have Steel Races, Si3N4 Ceramic Balls, and are built with tolerances that balance high performance and long life. Ceramic Ball Bearings are up to 50% lighter than Standard Ball Bearings. The Ceramic Balls are 4x smoother than Steel Balls (lower friction coefficient). Due to the smoothness and light weight of the balls, Ceramic Bearings will have reduced heat, wear, and skidding. This results in a much more efficient bearing, which will have a longer life, a 30-50% higher speed rating, will spin more freely, and will spool up faster!

The bearings are sealed by a Rubber Seal on one side, and a Metal Shield on the other. The Rubber Seal protects well against exposure to dust, dirt, and moisture, which can destroy bearings...while the metal shield provides moderate protection on it's side, but provides minimum resistance for maximum efficiency and speed. These bearings offer maximum protection one one side and moderate protection on the other, and have less overall resistance than standard rubber sealed ball bearings.

Inner Diameter:5mm
Outer Diameter:11mm
Bearing Material:High Carbon Chrome Steel
Ball Material:Ceramic
Seal/Shield Type:Metal Shield on one side, Rubber Seal on other side
Lubrication:Spin-Free Oil
Bearing Reference Number:MR115-RZ/C


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