Advantage High Performance Air Filter Oil (120ml) (4 oz)


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Advantage Air Filter Oil is specially formulated for R/C Car Foam Air Filters. The oil goes on thin, so it can be easily worked into the filter. Once the oil is worked into the filter, it slowly thickens to provide outstanding protection against dirt and dust.
  • Goes on Thin – Our Air Filter Oil starts out thin, so it can be easily worked into the air filter. This ensures that the oil is worked through the entire filter, and it is not over-saturated with oil, which can cause engine tuning issues.
  • Outstanding Protection – Once applied, the Air Filter Oil thickens for maximum protection from dust and dirt.
  • No Scent – This new formula does not have a strong odor.
  • Huge Bottle – Our bottle of Air Filter Oil is a better value and much larger than others in the industry. Our bottle is 120ml (4 ounces), and will oil 12-16 filters (depending on the filter size).  Compare our size and price to the competition!

Contains 120 mL in a bottle with a flip-top cap.


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