Advantage Orange Hingepin Lube w/ Teflon (17ml)


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Advantage Racing Products has partnered with Max Racing to bring you some outstanding specialized greases, lubes, and fluids for your R/C vehicles!
The Orange Hingepin Lube is specially formulated with Teflon to provide thorough lubrication.  Provides optimum lubrication, anti corrosion to avoid rust, repels dirt and dust, and has a special anti-friction agent (Teflon).  This product has been found to be effective on the following applications:
  • Hinge Pins – Orange Lube provides outstanding and long lasting lubrication for your Hinge Pins.  Put a few drops on each Hinge Pin each time you install or re-install them.  Provides outstanding lubrication as well as rust protection to ensure continued smooth operation.
  • Ball Ends – Orange Lube also works extremely well on Steering Ball Ends and Shock Ball Ends.  Put a drop or two on each joint and work in to lubricate.
  • Bushings – Excellent lubrication for plastic, brass, nylon, and delrin bushing joints.
  • Shock Shafts – Provides additional long lasting lubrication and rust protection to your shock shafts.  Put a couple drops on each shaft and rub it in.

Contains 17 mL in a bottle with a screw-on cap.


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